Weekend Writing Warriors #1

As I mentioned last week, I came late to the party and managed to miss out on the entire Six Sentence Sunday phenomenon. But luckily for me, a new weekly blog hop began today for Weekend Writing Warriors. And even better, I get to post eight sentences instead of six. Below is another excerpt from the fantasy WIP That Shall Not Be Named, with the same couple (Ume and Cree from my novella The Devil's Garden), who seem to spend an awful lot of time in bed in this book.

Stretching beside Cree in the large featherbed the pub steward was allotted, Ume kissed the back of her neck, and Cree roused a bit—but not enough. “I’m hungry,” Ume pouted. When Cree didn’t give any further acknowledgment, Ume bit her lightly on the nape.

Cree, wonderfully ticklish, squealed and rolled over. “Did you just bite me? What was that for?” she demanded, rubbing the back of her neck.

“I’m hungry and you left me to my own devices,” Ume sighed dramatically. “What was I to do?”