What people are saying about WAKING THE SERPENT:

"The sexual tension between Rafe and Phoebe is on fire... Definitely a keeper." ★★★★ ½ Top Pick! — RT Book Reviews

Long and Short Reviews – May 2017

RT Book Reviews Magazine – December 2016

What people are saying about THE LOST COAST:

"This gothic-inspired modern romance is built on a supernatural base that drips with intrigue, mystery and some deliciously dark humor." ★★★★ — RT Book Reviews

RT Book Reviews Magazine – November 2015 issue

What people are saying about IDOL OF GLASS:

"This book is my favorite out of the series... I love how the women in it are strong and can stand on their own." ★★★★ — Fanatical Paranormal Romantical

Fanatical Paranormal Romantical – November 3, 2015

What people are saying about IDOL OF BLOOD:

"The second in Kindred’s tempestuous and fantastical series lulls us into a false security... When Kindred rips away the veil, we watch as violence and revenge duel for supremacy when the past rears its ugly head. Kindred does a splendid job of balancing the romance with a rapidly paced storyline and dark, unsettling revelations." ★★★★  — RT Book Reviews

RT Book Reviews Magazine – July 2015 issue

Fanatical Paranormal Romantical – June 26, 2015

What people are saying about IDOL OF BONE:

"A compelling read in a clever fantasy world. ...If you like complicated plots that might start small, but end up big and bold, set in a detailed world and that isn’t afraid to view things from many different angles and in many different ways, then you will probably like this." ★★★★ Book Gannet Reviews
“I recommend the book. If gender fluidity is your thing, it will be right up your alley. Be prepared to be confused, particularly in the first third of the book. But hold on, it all comes together eventually!” ★★★★ Love Bytes

All Our Worlds September 7, 2015

Fanatical Paranormal Romantical – June 26, 2015

Love Bytes – March 3, 2015

It's About the Book – March 3, 2015

Book Gannet Reviews – February 20, 2015

What people are saying about MASTER OF THE GAME:

"This complex and wickedly decadent dark fantasy bombards the reader with its sensuality and heartbreaking reveals while building to an explosive ending." ★★★★ ½ Top Pick! — RT Book Reviews
“If you love the darkest of darks in your antiheroes, introduce yourself to Belphagor. He’ll steal your soul and your wallet, and possibly save your life. Or at least put you inside an awesome story.” Escape Rating: A  — Reading Reality
ALL THE STARS!!! Or 5, whichever comes first. ...Words cannot express how much I liked all these wacky characters who, at the end of the day, are crazy about each other.” ★★★★★ — Prism Book Alliance
"A thrilling story with characters that pull you in and take you on a wonderful ride. I was enthralled from the beginning to the very end. This book was truly worth the read." ★★★★ ½ — Love Bytes

RT Book Reviews Magazine, August 2015 issue

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What people are saying about KING OF THIEVES:

“The second installment in Kindred's wickedly erotic, BDSM-based Demons of Elysium series immerses the reader in the dark and tempestuous relationship of Belphagor and his fire demon lover. Pain and pleasure vie for dominance as Kindred takes their relationship to a new level—a level that will make or break the fragile love that exists between them. Kindred does a splendid job of balancing the decadent romance with an engaging conflict filled with lust, lies and revelations.” ★★★★  — RT Book Reviews

Prism Book Reviews – April 29, 2014

Chill Reviews – April 29, 2014

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RT Book Reviews Magazine, May 2014 issue

What people are saying about PRINCE OF TRICKS:

“What a seductive, devilishly delicious tale... Steamy, solid entertainment!” ★★★★★ — Rainbow Book Reviews

“A spicy erotic fantasy that submerges the reader into a tempestuous relationship that speaks of dark desires and wicked delights. Kindred tucks her burgeoning romance inside an intriguing story filled with deception and betrayal as luscious angels and demons all vie for the ultimate prize. Drenched in a decadent haze of pleasure, pain, discipline and punishment, Kindred’s voice captures readers, leaving them panting for more.” ★★★★  — RT Book Reviews

“If you’ve read the ARKHANGEL'SK trilogy, PRINCE OF TRICKS is a must-read. ... It can be read without having read the trilogy, but it cannot be read without fans and cooling drinks! Not just because Bel and Vasily push each other to their sexual limits (Bel is extremely dominant, Vasily is not just defiantly submissive, but emotionally needy), but because Belphagor is an expert at using others’ sexuality both to prove his dominance and to seduce or beguile them into assisting with his own game. Or sometimes just for fun. The combination is explosive.” Escape Rating A — Reading Reality

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RT Book Reviews Magazine, March 2014 issue

What people are saying about THE ARMIES OF HEAVEN:

“THE ARMIES OF HEAVEN is a fascinating and detailed storyline. Jane Kindred’s world of THE HOUSE OF ARKHANGEL'SK is a modern and colorful fantasy storyline adaptation blending the contemporary with the past and, the result is an amazing series that should not be passed up. Every nuance and minute detail of the story serves a purpose. Nothing and no one is safe in The House of Arkhangel’sk.” — The Reading Cafe

“There are so many things about this series that make me happy, and this book did not disappoint... ARMIES OF HEAVEN is the perfect conclusion to one of the most unique fantasy stories that I’ve read.” — Books Without Any Pictures

“What makes this story so fascinating isn’t the battles, or even the politics (although the politics are incredibly intricate), it’s the people... Every single tiny piece of the story, from first to last, came back to haunt by the time this book ended. Every thread got tied off. And the weave of them all was complicated, and very much like the KUSHIEL series or BABYLON 5, every detail mattered.” — Book Lovers Inc.

The Reading Cafe – July 18, 2013

Books Without Any Pictures – July 12, 2013

Imaginary Reads – June 27, 2013

The Pleasure of My Good Regard – June 22, 2013

Book Lovers Inc. – June 20, 2013

What people are saying about THE MIDNIGHT COURT:

“Jane Kindred’s writing reminds me a lot of Jacqueline Carey.  It’s epic fantasy, but there are elements of romance and sexuality throughout the book that one wouldn’t typically expect to find. ...If the idea of a parallel supernatural world that incorporates Russian history and culture sounds appealing, then this one’s definitely for you!” — Books Without Any Pictures

"It amazes me, a few days later, to find this book is still rattling around in my head.  I’m not one for demons, angels, or other biblical referencing stories, but Jane Kindred has created this fabulous world that captures your attention, with complex characters and a story that will stay with you for a long time." 5 Cocktails — Cocktails and Books

“THE MIDNIGHT COURT (and the whole House of ARKHANGEL'SK series so far) is the kind of densely multi-layered political pot-boiling gut-churning romance that doesn’t come along very often. The nearest comparison is Jacqueline Carey’s KUSHIEL'S DART series, as much for the very long game political machinations as for the kink relationship between Belphagor and Vasily.” — Reading Reality

Stella Matutina – October 24, 2012

Books Without Any Pictures – October 15, 2012

The Reading Cafe – October 14, 2012

Cocktails and Books – October 7, 2012

Reading Reality – August 14, 2012

Lovey Dovey Books – August 2, 2012

What people are saying about THE FALLEN QUEEN:

“THE FALLEN QUEEN is a great story that You Need To Read.” ★★★★ ½ — You Gotta Read Reviews

“A tense, engaging fantasy thriller that is just a bit sassy or tongue in cheek and chock full of Russian flavor... A great read for a long winter weekend.” — Russian Life

“THE FALLEN QUEEN is a great escapist read, and the Russian setting makes it even more awesome.  I would highly recommend it. Kindred’s writing reminded me of what would happen if one were to cross Jacqueline Carey with Mikhail Bulgakov. — Books Without Any Pictures

“In the end, I found THE FALLEN QUEEN to be an enjoyable read. It’s a fresh take on the hidden heir trying to recover the stolen throne despite all the references and historical events it bases itself on. I’m looking forward to the next installment.” Grade: B — Dear Author

“The most original fantasy you will read this year! Kindred's writing style is dance-like, a true ballet of fiction. Calculated steps done so passionately one could forget this is more likely to be shelved with popular fiction than literature. THE FALLEN QUEEN could easily become a classic.” ★★★★ — RhiReading

“I was told Kindred’s writing style was reminiscent of Jacqueline Carey, and this comparison is probably what got me to read this book. While I can see similarities between the two, Kindred’s writing style is different enough to make her an individual though her graceful prose is suggestive [of] Carey. Kindred’s writing is incredibly descriptive, which is needed when you realize how complex her world is... [Her] unique flair, lyrical writing and complex world make it stand apart from the crowd. ” — Bookworm Blues

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What people are saying about THE DEVIL'S GARDEN:

“A very engaging read... DEVIL'S GARDEN represents the very best of imaginative storytelling and I can’t wait to read more by this author.” — Bitch Factor 10

“Reminded me quite a bit of Jacqueline Carey’s KUSHIEL books except with more magic and transgendered and genderqueer characters... A surprisingly layered story for a novella of this length.” — Dear Author

“As exciting as it was romantic, and as thoughtful as it was erotic. Just as there are delightfully hidden layers to Ume and Cree, there is a wondrous depth to the story that’s quite surprising, considering its page count... Definitely recommended.” — Bending the Bookshelf

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