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The Devil's Garden: Cover

The Fallen Queen: Cover

The Midnight Court: Cover

The Armies of Heaven: Cover

Prince of Tricks: Cover

King of Thieves: Cover

Master of the Game: Cover

Idol of Bone: Cover

Idol of Blood: Cover

Idol of Glass: Cover

The Lost Coast: Cover

The Water Thief: Cover

Waking the Serpent: Cover

Bewitching the Dragon: Cover

The Dragon's Hunt: Cover

Seducing the Dark Prince: Cover


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Novels: The Fallen Queen • The Midnight Court • The Armies of Heaven • Prince of Tricks • King of Thieves • Master of the Game • Idol of Bone Idol of Blood Idol of Glass
The Lost Coast The Water Thief • Waking the Serpent • Bewitching the Dragon • The Dragon's Hunt • Seducing the Dark Prince • Kindling the Darkness (2018)

Novellas: The Devil's Garden

Free Short Stories: "Malchik" • "The Garden of Earthly Delights" • "The Shape of His Heart"

Author Bio

Jane Kindred is the author of the Harlequin Nocturne series Sisters in Sin and of the epic fantasy series The House of Arkhangel’sk, Demons of Elysium, and Looking Glass Gods. She spent her formative years ruining her eyes reading romance novels in the Tucson sun and watching Star Trek marathons in the dark. She now writes to the sound of San Francisco foghorns while her cat slowly but surely edges her off the side of the bed.

You can find Jane on her Twitter account and Facebook page—both of which are aptly named “janekindred"—and on her website,


Sara Megibow of KT Literary Agency


“The sexual tension between Rafe and Phoebe is on fire... Definitely a keeper.” ★★★★ ½ Top Pick!

— RT Book Reviews on Waking the Serpent

"This complex and wickedly decadent dark fantasy bombards the reader with its sensuality and heartbreaking reveals while building to an explosive ending." ★★★★ ½ Top Pick!

— RT Book Reviews on Master of the Game

"The second in Kindred’s tempestuous and fantastical series lulls us into a false security... When Kindred rips away the veil, we watch as violence and revenge duel for supremacy when the past rears its ugly head. Kindred does a splendid job of balancing the romance with a rapidly paced storyline and dark, unsettling revelations." ★★★★

 — RT Book Reviews on IDOL OF BLOOD

“Drenched in a decadent haze of pleasure, pain, discipline and punishment, Kindred’s voice captures readers, leaving them panting for more.” ★★★★

— RT Book Reviews on Prince of Tricks

“Thank you, Jane Kindred, for this sassy tale of demons in love. Steamy, solid entertainment!” ★★★★

— Rainbow Book Reviews on Prince of Tricks

“[THE ARMIES OF HEAVEN] is a tale of the corruption of power, the redemption of love, and the ease with which innocents can be deceived. The best man here is a demon, and the biggest fool, an angel. This is ultimately a love story for those who are willing to journey through the same dark and twisted paths as those encountered in Jacqueline Carey's KUSHIEL'S DART.”

Marlene Harris, Library Journal, Best Books 2013

“Kindred’s tale is a romantic, mature, and lyrical collage of heaven, hell, and a magical royal legend. The combination is divinely—and demonically—inspired.”

New York Times bestselling author Alethea Kontis on The Fallen Queen

“Jane Kindred’s THE HOUSE OF ARKHANGEL'SK dazzles with its surreal blending of worlds. Lost angel Anazakia, last survivor of her murdered family, finds herself in the hands of demons with suspect motives, betrayed by her own kind, stranded in the world of Man—21st century St. Petersburg, Russia, to be exact. Weaving startling visuals with compelling characters, Kindred reveals parallels in the two worlds that are ‘neither haphazard chance nor calculated design.’ It’s a dizzying, vibrant read.”

— Lynn Flewelling, author of The Bone Doll’s Twin and the Nightrunner series

“A tense, engaging fantasy thriller that is just a bit sassy or tongue in cheek and chock full of Russian flavor… A great read for a long winter weekend.”

 Russian Life magazine on The Fallen Queen

“Angels, demons, sex. Heaven, hell, war. Blood and royalty, history and magic, fire and ice. And a story you cannot put down. This is fantasy at its best.” 

— Stephen Graham Jones, author of It Came From Del Rio on The Fallen Queen

“A labyrinth of wonder, intrigue and treachery. High fantasy as sharp as a dagger.”

— Mario Acevedo, author of Werewolf Smackdown on The Fallen Queen

“The most original fantasy you will read this year! Kindred's writing style is dance-like, a true ballet of fiction. Calculated steps done so passionately one could forget this is more likely to be shelved with popular fiction than literature. THE FALLEN QUEEN could easily become a classic.” ★★★★


“Once again, Jane Kindred has written a rich tale of Russian folklore and Celestial mythology, artfully blended into a sexy story of magic, betrayal, and love.”

— Allison Pang, author of A Brush of Darkness on The Midnight Court

“[THE DEVIL'S GARDEN] reminded me quite a bit of Jacqueline Carey’s KUSHIEL books except with more magic and transgendered and genderqueer characters... A surprisingly layered story for a novella of this length.”

Dear Author

“Jane Kindred weaves a rich tapestry in THE DEVIL'S GARDEN, lush and full of fine detail... An excellent read and one I highly recommend.”

— LK Gardner-Griffie, award-winning author of Misfit McCabe and Nowhere Feels Like Home