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Jane began writing romantic fantasy novellas at the age of 12 in the wayback of a Plymouth Fury—which, as far as she recalls, never killed anyone…who didn’t have it coming. She spent her formative years ruining her eyes reading romance novels in the Tucson sun and watching Star Trek marathons in the dark. Although she was repeatedly urged to learn a marketable skill in case she couldn’t find a man willing to marry her, she received a B.A. in Creative Writing anyway from the University of Arizona.

She now lives in San Francisco with her son, Samson, two feline overlords who are convinced she is constantly plotting their death, and a cockatiel named Imhotep who punishes her for sins in a past life (and whom she frequently imagines tastily smoked, dried, and splayed on a stick like omul fished from Lake Baikal).

Her pen name was inspired by the twin sister of Philip K. Dick who died shortly after birth, and by whom he felt haunted until the end of his life.

She fights for my life and I for hers, eternally. I am damned always to be separated from her/and with her, in oscillation.

— Philip K. Dick

Having had numerous odd little moments of synchronicity in her writing and her life with things Dickian, Jane thought the name seemed appropriate.