Wherein I am late to the party, but make you forget

So today I thought to myself, I've been meaning to give that Six Sentence Sunday thing a go. I head off to the land of Google and find the sign-up blog...and the post that says "today is the last Six Sentence Sunday." Like, ever. Wow, does my timing suck. Ah, well. Here are six sentences...erm, okay, ten, that I felt like sharing anyway. If you've read The Devil's Garden, you may be happy to see that Cree and Ume are making an appearance in a WIP I'm revising. If you haven't, this is kind of a big, fat spoiler, so stop reading now. ;) Or, if you don't care about spoilers and just want to make your eyes cross at some steamy f/f goodness, read away.

Cree’s breath was coming in sharp gasps punctuated by moans of a steadily increasing pitch. She squirmed in Ume’s hands, her fingers digging into Ume’s shoulders. Ume held tight to her ass and rolled over, pulling Cree on top of her, and Cree arched back, balanced for the crucial moment on the deeply buried tip of Ume’s tongue as she let out a loud cry and rocked into Ume in rippling waves of delight. Ume tormented her, making her climax again, again, and once more until Cree’s legs were limp and she was literally weeping with exhaustion.

Only then did Ume slide up beneath her on the bed to kiss her lips and let her taste the fruit of her own pleasure and desire, arms wrapped tightly around her in a silent promise that she would never let her go.

Cree groaned, sliding her own arms around Ume’s neck and twining their legs together. “You’re simply evil,” she moaned against Ume’s cheek. “You’re trying to kill me.”

“Death by cunnilingus,” Ume laughed. “At least you’ll die with a smile on your face.”