Dumbledore still likes me

I get to keep the Time-Turner for another day! Once again I'm in three places simultaneously. (What do you mean, where did I come from?? I've been here the whole time!) Stop by my interview at Rex Robot Reviews to find out what Anazakia thinks about clowns*, read about my obsession with Bell, Book and Candle at RhiReading in "Humming to Pyewacket"** (and win a copy of The Fallen Queen), and find yet more Bell, Book and Candle obsession at Here Be Magic, where you'll have a chance to win a $25 gift certificate to Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Want more chances to win? The following giveaways are still open!

Literary Escapism (contest ends December 31) Urban Fantasy Investigations (contest ends December 12) The Book Faery Reviews (contest ends December 16) Fang-tastic Books Get Lost in a Story The Book Pushers (contest ends December 15)

The Fallen Queen Virtual Book Tour

*When I was in Russia, sounding out everything I saw printed in Cyrillic (which I still do very slowly to this day), I saw the word "клоун" somewhere and stopped to read it aloud: "K-l-oh-oo-n. Kluh-oon. Klaoon. Clown!" and then screamed like Homer Simpson.

**Not dirty