I have a Time-Turner

Today I'm in three places at once. Luckily, Hermione lent me her Time-Turner. (Or maybe I am Hermione. ~shifty eyes~) Come join me at Fang-tastic Books to discuss the allure of the demon protagonist, get lost with me in my interview at Get Lost in a Story, and find out more about the Heaven of The Fallen Queen at The Book Pushers.

Five chances to comment to win!

I'm giving away a copy of The Fallen Queen at all three of my time-turning stops today. In addition, yesterday's contest is still open through December 16 at The Book Faery Reviews, where I discussed the trouble with angels, and I believe the giveaway at Urban Fantasy Investigations is also still open, where I ponder the age-old question of what happens when tasty, chocolatey epic fantasy trips and falls into yummy, peanut-buttery urban fantasy, creating a whole new taste sensation.

By the way, did you know you could get an actual Time-Turner?? I did not know this. (Disclaimer: It's possible that this Time-Turner doesn't actually turn time back...but it sure looks cool, and I want one! Now you know what to get me for Christmas.)

The Fallen Queen Virtual Book Tour
The Fallen Queen Virtual Book Tour