You thought 17 years was a long publishing wait? Get this...

You don't know who they are yet, but Millie and Lukas are very excited by this announcement today in Publisher's Weekly:

February 25, 2015
Digital: Fiction: Women's/Romance
Author of IDOL OF BONE Jane Kindred's LOST COAST, about a young woman with an uncanny relationship to fire and the mystery she uncovers at a secluded vineyard, to Linda Ingmanson at Samhain Publishing, for publication in 2015, by Sara Megibow at KT Literary (World).

As I mentioned in Tuesday's book release announcement, it was 17 years from first draft to publication for Idol of Bone. Well, I can now top my own record: Lost Coast is based on a novella I wrote when I was 17, back in 19-cough-mumble. This one will be out at the end of this year, making it 32 years from first draft to pub. Ha. (And, wow, was that first draft awful. I ought to burn it so it isn't unearthed when I'm dead. But Millie objects to that idea on moral grounds.)