Random Russia Love

Last night I was perusing Netflix streaming for something fun in Sci-Fi/Fantasy, and I came across Black Lightning—Черная Молния (Chernaya Molniya)—a Russian movie about an underdog hero with a flying Volga. It could have been ridiculously cheesy, but it was actually rather sweet and totally fun. It's in Russian with English subtitles, though apparently there's talk of the director Timur Bekmambetov remaking it as an English-language version. Part of me hates the idea of a remake and dreads what the Hollywood machine would turn it into, but on the other hand, I wouldn't mind seeing it with a less helpless/precious love interest, which would almost certainly happen with an American movie. It's not like I won't be watching it, either way. It's too awesome to pass up.

Black Lightning is easily as good as any of the recent American superhero movies, so if you don't mind subtitles (or, like me, you love listening to the Russian language), I highly recommend it.

And afterward, when you're hooked on Russian sci-fi/fantasy, check out Nochnoi Dozor and Dnevnoi Dozor (Night Watch and Day Watch), also directed by Bekmambetov; I'm impatiently awaiting the final installment in that trilogy: Sumerechniy Dozor (Dusk Watch).