A thousand words

Jane Kindred - headshotAnother Jane I admire posted on her blog some time back about the importance of professional headshots for authors. I bookmarked that post, and promised myself I'd get professional photos done one of these days. But I put it off as long as possible because I hate having my picture taken almost as much as I hate getting my hair cut. It always seems to change how I see myself, and makes me self-conscious about the way others see me. In short, it messes with my proprioception in a big way. (Yes, I'm sure I'm using that word incorrectly, but it's one of my favorite words to misuse.) Jane KindredBut I finally bit the bullet and suffered the indignity and angst of soul-stealing fancy-magic, because my most recent pictures were so old I was beginning to feel like a liar whenever I used one.

I chose the fabulous Patty Nason of Gåvaphoto to steal my soul this time, appropriately enough at the San Francisco Columbarium where I hope to leave my ashes one day in the distant future. (Look! There's dead people right next to me in the photo on the left!)

These are my favorites from the photo shoot, along with the new official author photo I've added to my bio page. Maybe these will make up for the lack of words on the blog last week. (I just knew saying I had a blog posting schedule out loud would derail the whole thing.)

Jane Kindred