Weirder science

Since I posted his picture on Looking for Belphagor, Robert Downey, Jr. has been responsible for the lion's share of keyword search traffic leading to this blog. Fully 78% of keyword searches are now robert downey jr. Let's see; what other keywords are leading people here?

Another 13% include Robert Downey Jr.Robert Downey, Jr., robert downey, robert downey junior (how cute; they spelled it out), downey, Robert Downey Jr. 2011, and robert downey jr 2011. An additional 4% end up here by typing роберт дауни and роберт дауни мл. (Guess what they spell in Cyrillic?) That's 95% of all keyword searches devoted to RDJ. Oh, wait; there's one more: robert downey site: (Huh?)  So, 96%.

What's bringing the other 4%? Bartek Borowiec, santi Waine, mateus verdelho interview, two searches for tattoos, and...wait! Look! Two instances of demon porn! One of which includes my name!

That clinches it. I obviously need to start writing demon porn starring Robert Downey, Jr. Do you think he'd mind?