Friday fortune: Renewal

On Wednesday, I blogged over on Here Be Magic about using the tarot for plotting. It got me thinking it might be fun to feature a weekly tarot post here, so I've pulled one card for the day from the Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg.

Card of the day: The Star

Traditionally the card of hope, in the Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg there are additional elements that refer to the continuity of the cycle of rebirth of the soul (the empty clothes on the bank, the butterfly), and triumph over a seemingly hopeless situation (the Napoleonic army tents in the background). In this context, hope becomes the certainty of renewal. As Napoleon wrote of the Russians after his failed attempt to conquer them, "What savage determination! What a people! What a people!" Yes, Russians would rather burn their own cities to the ground than submit to a foreign invasion, no matter how relentless. Talk about murdering your darlings.

The Star follows the upheaval of The Tower in the tarot hierarchy. The message for today, then, is that though things may have been all atumble yesterday—maybe you thought that synopsis was going to be the death of you, or you fell in a plot hole so deep you couldn't see light—we've managed to survive the breakdown of everything we thought was important. Today we have a new vision of reality and a fresh start. We pour our souls into our writing, so let the words flow, and they'll return as something new that wouldn't have become clear without The Tower's disruption.

Write with savage determination.

Jane Kindred
Jane Kindred