The Sumasshedshaya speaks

I was interviewed on AmyBeth Inverness's blog yesterday:

It was "today" when I started this post, but then a cookie recipe disaster derailed my plans. The recipe for my favorite cookies ever, Chocolate Peanut Butter Drop Quickies, has disappeared. I suspect the domovoi.

Seriously. Look at him! You know he knows what he's done.

This is a disaster of epic proportions. I've had this recipe since I was ten, complete with misspelling of "Choclate" and a carroted "O" stuck in, and stained with blotches of chocolate from years gone by. These cookies cure all ills.

You do not want to be around when I cannot find this recipe. This is when you will truly see the Сумасшедшая. And who is that? Well, go read the interview and find out.

Update: By request, here's the infamous recipe, courtesy of my dear friend "GrrrArgh" who found a copy of it and saved me from madness:

Chocolate Peanut Butter Drop Quickies

Boil for one minute (after letting the mixture come to a full, rolling boil):

2 cups sugar ½ cup milk ½ cup butter 3 tbsp cocoa ¼ tsp salt

Remove from heat and add 3 cups quick oats, ½ cup peanut butter, and 1 tsp of vanilla. Drop by teaspoonfuls onto waxed paper and let cool.

You can find similar recipes all over the Internet, which I did when I searched last night, but none seem to have this exact combo of ingredients and measures. Food of the gods.