My Devil book is out today!

That's right; I wrote a Devil book. ;) Seducing the Dark Prince, Book 4 in the Sisters in Sin series from Harlequin Nocturne, is out in the world today wreaking devilish havoc.

Okay, Lucien Smok (it's pronounced "smoke" and means "dragon" in Polish) isn't literally Satan, but I don't want to give away any spoilers, so suffice it to say, he has issues. (Including running about shirtless with a crossbow, apparently. I mean, it's supposed to be a crossbow. Pretend it's a crossbow. And that he's wearing a black turtleneck.*)

For those familiar with the series, this is Theia's story. The quiet ones are always the ones you have to watch out for.

Note: The books do need to be read in order for full enjoyment. The series order can be found on the Sisters in Sin page.

*P.S., I adore my cover artists. Sincerely. They have a hard job interpreting the madness that is my art sheets. I kid because I love.


Hell Might Be Heavenly...for One of the Sisters in Sin

Lucien Smok is heir to the Smok fortune. He's also the crown prince of Hell, a legacy he despises. Clairvoyant Theia Dawn tries to convince herself that she's only interested in Lucien because of his family's role in the persecution of her ancestor, not because he's the most beguiling man she's ever met. The attraction that burns between them might be her downfall. Or it might be his salvation.

Seducing the Dark Prince is available now from the following retailers: | Barnes & Noble | | BAM | Booktopia | iBooks | Kobo

Release the Kraken! (Okay, So It's Not a Kraken, It's a Dragon, But I've Always Wanted to Say That)

Release day is here for the third book in my Sisters in Sin series with Harlequin Nocturne! I suppose authors, like parents, shouldn't have favorites, but Leo is by far my favorite dragon shifter in this series. If you like Vikings (picture a slightly ginger Chris Hemsworth as Thor with a little bit of Chris Hemsworth as Kevin in the 2016 Ghostbusters) and dragons and Wild Hunts, this one's for you.

These books should be read in order, so make sure you've read the first two! The fourth in the series, Seducing the Dark Prince, is due out next April.


Awakening the dragon...

By day, Leo Ström works as an assistant in a tattoo parlor. By night… Well, he isn’t quite sure what happens at night. He just knows that it’s best if he restrains himself.

Ink is more than just superficial decoration to Rhea Carlisle. Her ability to read her clients’ souls in their tattoos gives her work its special magic—and it allows her to see that there’s more to Leo than his brilliant blue eyes.

The passion that kindles between them might be Leo’s salvation. Or it might be the end of the world…

The Dragon's Hunt is available now at the following retailers: | Barnes & Noble | | BAM | Booktopia | iBooks | Kobo



In my new release, The Water Thief, no one is exactly who they pretend to be, and nothing is quite as it seems. Set in both an alternate world where time has stood still for hundreds of years and a real-world contemporary setting, it’s part mystery, part m/m fantasy romance. Be forewarned that the MC is a very convincing cross-dresser, in case that's not your cup of tea.

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